Introduction to Art Schools: When is the Art Major Important?

by Frederick H. Carlson
When is the Art Major Important?

Most often, BA's and BFA's are the reward for your 4-year program at colleges, universities, and art-focused institutions.

These bachelors' degrees at accredited institutions demonstrate your ability to complete an art curriculum, work with others, learn differing degrees of technical and studio expertise, and to be ready and engaged to start a search for satisfaction in the art workplace or post-graduate education.

The work you produce and the professional consistency of the art graduates of your school will get you started if art is your career, then it's all about your own imagination, hustle, and marketing to stay in the field. Teaching art and learning more advanced management skills will most often influence the desire for an MA, MBA (yes, business degrees matter in communications, marketing, and product line management) or MFAs.

  1. What Is Art?
  2. Professional Overview in the Arts
  3. Working as an Artist  
  4. The Challenges for the Artist
  5. What is a Portfolio?
  6. The Long View is Necessary
  7. Art Education
  8. Directions and Choices
  9. What Type of Art School Do You Want to Attend?
  10. When is the Art Major Important?
  11. Costs and Financial Aid >>
  12. Choosing an Art School
  13. Conclusion

About the Author

Frederick H. Carlson is one of the most well-known artist/illustrators in the mid-Atlantic region. No venue is too large or too small for his incisively drawn and lucidly painted pieces. He has executed everything from room-sized murals to LP covers. He drew over 150 portraits for National Review between 1990-1999.

Carlson is a 1977 Carnegie-Mellon University alumnus, and has been a freelancer for over 30 years. He has exhibited his art at the Southern Alleghenies Museum of Art, the New York Society of Illustrators Cegep-St. Foy (Quebec), Dubendorf (Switzerland), the Manchester Craftsmens Guild, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, and at Daystar/One World Gallery.

Fred was the National President of the Graphic Artists Guild from 1991-1993, the first non-NYC based artist to be so elected. He served on the Guild's Executive Committee for 8 years. He has written extensively and has been published in national publications such as The Artist's Magazine, Communication Arts, GAG News, Artists Market, and his work was featured in ART DIRECTION. He was one of the speakers addressing the Illustration Conference (ICON3) in Philadelphia in June 2003, and he served as a juror the same month at the 44th annual Three Rivers Arts Festival in Pittsburgh, PA.

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