Art Careers Overview

You're creative. You love to draw, paint, sculpt, write, or design. But what does it take to have a career as an artist? What paths can or should you pursue, and how valid is the stereotype of the starving artist? Pursuing a career as a full-time artist is possible, if you have the passion and the energy.

Art Career Paths

Artists can typically be categorized into four groups:

  • Art Directors: Art directors develop design concepts for media pieces and oversee the entire creation and production process.
  • Craft Artists: Craft artists hand-make objects, such as candles, tapestries, quilts, and pottery, to be sold or shown.
  • Fine Artists: Fine artists create items such as paintings, sculpture, and illustrations that are often displayed in museums and galleries.
  • Multimedia Artists: Multimedia artists and animators create images for film, video, the web, and other forms of electronic media.

Art Career Profiles

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